Nidan Kata

The kata presented below are the additional forms a shodan candidate needs to learn for the kata portion of the nidan test in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu. The pictures, taken by Jared Wynn, are meant to provide assistance in understanding the form, not specific step-by-step photos of how to do each kata. To the right of the pictures is the name of the technique, its "number" in the Big Book, and my notes on how to execute the technique. Thanks to Jeff Wynn for putting all of this together. They were originally presented at the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu 2007 Summer Camp in Santa Clarita, CA.


Winding Arm Throw with Rope BInd

[Dealing with a knife-thrust to the stomach]

EXPLANATION: Uke attempts to gut you with a knife-thrust. This is a life-threatening attack and must be dealt with aggressively. You first pivot out of the way of the knife thrust by rotating your right foot back. Grab his knife hand with your right hand at his wrist from on top. Use a knife-edge [karate] strike to his left shoulder with your left hand, knocking him down. Your left knee goes down on his arm above his elbow. Your right foot goes under his forearm. Lean against his back. Take the rope, which is already looped & the loop is loosely around your wrist. Grab the fingers of his left hand thus pulling his arm back. The rope will slip down onto his wrist. Pull the loop tight. Bring the rope around the front of his neck & then around his right wrist, twice clockwise. Take your foot away & your left knee moves to rest on his kidneys.



Nerve attack side throw and head-scissor submission

[Dealing with a strike or lapel-grab]

EXPLANATION: Block Uke's hit out to your left. Your right hand comes up and presses the nerve in the left side of his neck. Maintain nerve pressure as you pull his arm to your left andpivot your left foot back to execute the throw. Once he is down submit by having your right knee down. Your left hand clasps onto your right forearm [while your right hand is maintaining the nerve press on his neck]. Your left forearm presses down across the bridge of his cheekbone at the same time. Submission is [Atama Shioku Waza]. 



3 - ATEMI WAZA (220/265)

Striking Technique and Chin-Stretch Submision

[Dealing with a shoulder-grab from behind]

EXPLANATION: Your right hand strikes the side base of his ribs, or his stomach, with a "knife-edge" or backhand strike, as you go down onto your right knee, pivoting to face your attacker at the same time. You may then either strike the back of his neck with a "knife-edge" strike [if he bends over] or a gingitzu to his ear with your left hand as you switch to your left knee and turn into your opponent. Chin stretch submission (Ago Shimi Waza; attacker is on the ground, face up): Grab his foot that is nearest to your right hand [grab his instep]. hook his foot back to get his body to turn away from you. Grab his chin with your left hand. Place your right foot in his back & push with it as you pull his foot & chin to you. 



Elbow strike neck throw

[Dealing with an attempted lapel grab]

EXPLANATION: Move in as for a hip throw [koshi nage] except that your right elbow strikes his heart first with a glancing blow to your left. Your right hand then goes up the right side of the attacker's neck and grabs around to the left side of his neck [or you can grab the hair on his head]. Drop onto your right knee, pull attacker's head with your right arm, and turn to your left at the same time to execute the throw. You may execute a neck snap for a submission. To choke your attacker your right hand slips to the back of his collar. Your left hand grabs his left lapel. Pull your right hand up. 


5 - UDE MAKI (491)

Arm Wind

[Dealing with a lapel-grab]

EXPLANATION: Your right foot is forward. Your right hand attacks the nerve in his elbow to force him to release his grip. Keep hold of the nerve. Your left outer wrist comes up against his right outer wrist from underneath [opposite side of thumb]. Your left hand [including your thumb] hooks around his wrist in a counterclockwise arc to throw. For submission your left hand keeps hold of his right wrist. Your right leg comes in under his armpit. Turn and push his arm to your left, resting his elbow against your shin. 



Pulling wheel throw followed by sternum crush

[Dealing with double-lapel grab]

EXPLANATION: Grab both of his lapels loosely. Quick-pull [hiki] the attacker to you. Turn the "wheel" to your left as you go down onto your right knee and turn to your left. Choke for a submission.

Alternative submission (584): [attacker is on the ground, face up] Grab both of his lapels, your right hand to his left lapel and your left hand to his right lapel. Place your right kneecap on his sternum. Pull up on his lapels with a quick jerk as you put all of your weight onto your kneecap, thus cracking his sternum. [Caution!!! It is very easy to lose your balance and accidentally injure your partner during practice as you will be off balance in setting the submit up in order to protect your partner. If he moves or resists you, you would lose your balance and injure him.]


(No Photos - Photographer was Uke)


Body strikes with rear throw

[Dealing with an attempted strike or club attack

EXPLANATION: Deflect his right arm to your right with your left forearm. Your right fist strikes to the base of his right ribs as you step in next to him with your right foot. Your right elbow then strikes his right kidney as you take a step behind him with your left foot. Your right arm then comes up, and turn your hand so your palm is facing you. Make a fist. Your right elbow then strikes opponent at the base of his skull. Your left hand then grabs his left shoulder and pulls down as your right foot blocks his right leg at a joint. Once the attacker is down your right fist strikes to a vital area. [you may pull him down with your right hand instead of your left if you prefer.]


8 - USHIRO NAGE (747/748)

Leg-block rear throw (747) and Leg-lift rear throw (748)

[Dealing with a garrote or rear rope choke - a knee in your back]

EXPLANATION: The following alternatives depend on which direction you choose to turn into your Uke, and whether his left or right knee is in your back:

(747) Turn into the attacker so that you can block his left inner thigh with your right forearm. Your right arm then hooks under his leg. Your left hand grabs under his left lapel [your palm up] and holds onto his lapel. Your left foot steps forward and blocks behind his right foot. Bend your left foot, going down onto your left knee to bring the attacker down. [your left kneecap should just miss his groin unless this is a street situation.] strike to the groin with your left fist to submit.

(748) Turn to your right to face the attacker, blocking his right knee with your right forearm [pointed down]. Hook your right arm around his thigh from underneath. Your left hand grabs his right shoulder. Lift his leg up & pull your left hand to your left as you swing your left foot back & go down onto your right knee to maintain your balance.




Neck-choke throw/blood-choke submission

[Dealing with a strike or hit]

EXPLANATION: Block the hit to your left with your left forearm. Your right hand grabs his right lapel fairly high. Your left forearm then moves to against the front of his neck [your left forearm is above the right-handed lapel hold]. [this may be done with a forearm strike on the street.] your left hand doesn't grab his left shoulder or gi. Push against his neck with your left forearm and pull his lapel with your right hand, thus setting a choke and forcing his head back, as you pivot your left foot back and go down onto your right knee. Once the attacker is down your left hand hooks onto his left shoulder. Pull with your right hand to execute the choke submission [shimi waza].



Neck attack rear throw

[Dealing with a double hit]

EXPLANATION: Block both of his arms out. Cup both of your hands and strike to both sides of attacker's neck at the same time. Index fingers of both hands then press nerves in both sides of his neck as you push back to execute a rear throw. Step forward with your right foot as you push him back.


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