Sandan Kata

The kata presented below are the additional forms a shodan candidate needs to learn for the kata portion of the sandan test in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu. The pictures, taken by Jared Wynn, are meant to provide assistance in understanding the form, not specific step-by-step photos of how to do each kata. To the right of the pictures is the name of the technique, its "number" in the Big Book, and my notes on how to execute the technique. Thanks to Jeff Wynn for putting all of this together. They were originally presented at the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu 2007 Summer Camp in Santa Clarita, CA.

1 - Hidari Nage (622)

Wrist-press over-the-shoulder hair-pull throw

[Dealing with an aggressive hand-shake]

EXPLANATION: Your right middle finger presses against the inside of his wrist to relieve the pressure of the handshake. Bend his wrist and move it to your left as you pivot into your attacker so that your back is against his chest. Your left elbow strikes to his heart or solar plexus. Bring his right arm over to your left shoulder [if his elbow is down so that he can't bend his arm, use caution so you won't break it]. Your left hand comes up and grabs his hair, ears, etc., as you go into a hip throw over your left side.


2 - Tekube Nage (631)

Wrist-lock spiral throw

[Dealing with a wrist-grab to both hands - hands held up, palm out]

EXPLANATION: Step your left foot out to your right and turn under his and your own arms, pivoting to your right. Continue the circular motion of your arms [counterclockwise once you've pivoted] to throw the attacker in the direction you're facing [to the left of your original position].

(No Photos - Photographer was Uke)


3 - Karada Tatake Ushiro Nage (636)

Body strikes with rear throw

[Dealing with attempted lapel grab, hit, or club attack]

EXPLANATION: Deflect Uke's right arm to your right with your left forearm. Your right fist strikes to the base of his right ribs as you step in next to him with your right foot/ Your right elbow then strikes his right kidney as you take a step behinds him wit5h your left foot. Your right arm then comes


4 - Mae Ube Nage (685)

Forward Thumb-Lock Throw

[Dealing with an aggressive handshake]

EXPLANATION: Your left hand rests on the attacker's wrist, with your last two fingers on the outside of his wrist and your first two fingers on the inside of his wrist. Your thumb should be resting on his thumb tip. Release his hold by pressing down on the tip of his thumb, causing it to bend. To throw, keep hold of his right hand with your right hand and slip his thumb and your thumb into the space between his hand and the area between your right thumb and index finger. Lift this up with your right hand, still holding his hand, until he's on his toes. Complete the throw by bringing this outward, down and back. Step forward with your right foot if desired. [Caution; make sure students let the thumb out of its locked position when practicing!!]



5 - Kao Tatake Ushiro Nage (706)

Face Attack Rear Choking Throw

[Dealing with a hit]

EXPLANATION: Block Uke's hit to your left with your left forearm. Your left hand then goes into a fist. Step towards the attacker with your left foot and strike his face with the side of your forearm [your forearm is perpendicular to the ground]. your left arm continues to move across his face and your left hand then grabs his left shoulder. Your right foot steps as far to your right as possible, blocking his left leg with your left leg. Turn your body to the attacker as your right hand strikes the left side of his face on his jaw. Your right hand then reaches across to his right lapel, under his chin, going over your left forearm. Pull both of your hands, thus setting a choke & forcing the attacker to lean back.


6 - Ushiro Nage (714)

Leg-Lift Rear Throw

[Dealing with extended arm-grab]

EXPLANATION: Turn your left hand clockwise or counterclockwise to release his hold. Grab his upper sleeve with your left hand as you step in so that your left foot is behind his right foot. Your right hand grabs behind his right kneecap or presses the nerve there. Lift his leg up with your right hand as you push to your left with your left arm in a circular direction to throw him. Pivot your left foot back at the same time to keep your balance.


7 - Ude Garuma Ushiro (720)

Rear Armlock takedown

[Dealing with a rear forearm choke]

EXPLANATION: Strike to attacker's solar plexus with your left elbow. Your right hand grabs his right arm at his shoulder or as high as possible. Your left hand comes up and brings his right hand away from your throat. Your left hand then slides between your body and his arm. Keep tight next to the attacker as you turn to his right side. As you turn you will be automatically turning his right arm up into a rear armlock. Your right hand clamps onto your left forearm as you continue the close turn, thus setting the armlock. Pivot your right foot back to bring your attacker down.


8 - Tekubi Shimi Waza (721)

Wristlock/Armlock Come-Along

[Dealing with an aggressive handshake]

EXPLANATION: Your left hand strikes his right elbow with a "knife edge" strike. Step in with your right foot and bring his arm into and up behind him with your right hand still holding onto the handshake grasp. Your left hand grabs his wrist [thumb out & up] and sets a wristlock.


9 - Hiza Makikomi (723)

Kneecap Winding throw

[Dealing with a front kick]

EXPLANATION: Block his kick to your left with your left forearm. Strike his solar plexus with your right fist. Your right forearm [near elbow] then moves to rest against the inside of his kneecap as you step in towards him with your right foot. Roll your right forearm [and his kneecap] to your left to execute the throw. Go down with the attacker [on your right side] keeping your elbow in place on the side of his thigh above his kneecap. Go down so that you're sitting between his legs. Your left hand clamps onto your right forearm to set the hold on hsi foot as your right elbow presses down onto his knee for the submission.


10 - Ushiro Nage (726)

Leg-Block rear Throw

[Dealing with a double punch]

EXPLANATION: Block both of his arms out. Your right arm moves in a clockwise circle, bringing his left arm down and up across his chest, under his right arm which is still extended. [do not grab his left hand with your right hand.] your right foot steps in behind him so that your right thigh is behind his left leg and your body is next to him. Your right arm, which has guided his left arm, should be across the attacker's chest and against his left arm by this time too. Move your right hand and arm back to the right as you turn your body to your right, causing the attacker to fall backwards over your right leg.


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